Do You Need An Uncontested Divorce Attorney?

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An uncontested divorce is generally straightforward. You can file for an uncontested divorce if you and your spouse agree completely on the division of property and debt. This means you won't have to go through lengthy negotiations in order to finalize your divorce.

An attorney from The Law Office of Tonya D. Cromartie, P.A will verify your agreements then draft and file the divorce paperwork. Call our law firm in Daytona Beach, Florida today to set your uncontested divorce in motion.

Filing for an uncontested divorce with children

While you can file for an uncontested divorce with children, the process becomes more difficult. You should seek legal advice from an uncontested divorce attorney if you and your spouse:

  • Have a child custody and child support agreement
  • Share multiple properties
  • Created an alimony contract
  • By asking an attorney to facilitate your divorce, you’ll avoid future problems with your documentation and agreements.

Make sure your divorce stays amicable by visiting an uncontested divorce attorney in Daytona Beach, FL today.